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Education Awards

The Awards for Academic Excellence are your opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of clinical instructors, fieldwork supervisors, preceptors, supervisors, teams, and leaders in clinical education who demonstrate excellence in creating a supportive and enriching environment for the students who come to learn in Sinai Health each year.

If you wish to make a nomination, please complete the appropriate form and email it to the Academic Office.

The criteria used to make the awards are listed in the forms, please be as detailed as possible.

  • Distinguished Educator Award recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their contribution to student clinical education through their commitment, teamwork, interprofessional collaboration and innovation.
  • Leadership in Education Award recognizes individuals who have provided leadership in clinical education, have helped foster a culture where clinical education is valued, and who have supported others in their efforts to grow as teachers.
  • Collaboration in Education Award recognizes a team, either in one profession or across professions, which has made an outstanding contribution to student education through their commitment, interprofessional collaboration and innovation.