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Nursing Professional Practice

The Gerald P. Turner Department of Nursing at Mount Sinai Hospital

nurse and patientThere are approximately 1,500 nurses functioning at all levels of Mount Sinai Hospital, from point of care, to support roles in education and administrative leadership, to the executive level. 

As the largest group of health-care professionals at Mount Sinai, our nurses’ involvement is critical in representing the values and fulfilling the vision and mission of the organization. 

The Department of Nursing vision statement defines the domains, aspects and environment for nursing care and supports Mount Sinai's values.  It influences professional practice and brings into focus the role, scope, expectations and accountabilities of nurses across their domains of practice, such as clinical care, education, research and leadership.

Professional nursing practice at Mount Sinai is about the structures and the processes that help us achieve our vision of nursing. Our nursing department is dedicated to ensuring that we have the best standards, processes and skills in place at all times.

Our Professional Practice Model for Nursing is a reflection of our commitment to meeting needs of our patients while meeting the professional development needs of our nurses.

Lean more about our professional practice through our nursing awards, scholarships and preceptorship program.