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Having a Baby at Mount Sinai

Having a Baby

Pregnancy is a very special time. Whether you are being cared for throughout your pregnancy by an obstetrician, midwife or your Family Practice Team, we have information and resources to support you throughout your journey.

Your Care

Your Pregnancy  

Information on care during early, mid, and late stages of pregnancy

Labour and Birth 

What you need to know about preparing for labour and birth at the hospital

Care After Birth 

Details to support you and your baby after birth


Maternal Clinical Programs

We have a number of specialized maternal and fetal clinical programs to support you every step of the way


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Mount Sinai Hospital's NICU provides care for babies born prematurely or requiring special intensive care


Ontario Fetal Centre

The Ontario Fetal Centre is the first in Canada, and one of only a few centres worldwide, to offer a fully comprehensive range of fetal therapy

Milkbank Ontario

Donated breast milk can help save a baby's life.

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Prenatal Classes

A variety of prenatal and parenting classes taught by experienced health care professionals.

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