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Interventional Radiology capacity doubled by $2M gift

June 18, 2015

Sinai Health System is pleased to announce a new $2 million gift from Sydney and Florence Cooper for a new interventional radiology treatment room and the upgrade of an existing room at Mount Sinai Hospital.  This generous gift will allow the hospital to double its capacity to offer patients this treatment option. There is a growing need for minimally invasive procedures, which use imaging to guide tiny instruments to tumours, bleeding, infections and blockages in nearly every organ system, with these procedures increasingly being considered as more effective alternatives to conventional surgery options.

This is not the first time that Sydney and Florence Cooper and family have invested in Mount Sinai’s capital redevelopment. In 1968, Sydney Cooper co-chaired the building committee that oversaw the original construction of the current hospital property, which opened at 600 University Avenue in 1973. Florence Cooper has been a dedicated leader of the Hospital’s Auxiliary, which has raised over $30 million since its inception. Over the past five decades, Sydney and Florence Cooper have been highly active volunteers and dedicated philanthropic leaders. They’ve provided Sinai patients access to signature programs from cancer prevention research to sports medicine treatment to education and now innovative medical imaging and treatment. The new facility will be named The Sydney and Florence Cooper Interventional Radiology Suite to honour their support, now totaling over $6.5 million.

This gift is part of Sinai Health System’s Campaign to Renew Sinai, the largest fundraising campaign in our history, which is helping to transform the facilities and delivery of care across the entire system and the growth of its internationally-recognized clinical and research programs.


About Interventional Radiology:

Compared to conventional surgeries, Interventional Radiology procedures minimize incisions, reduce risk of infection, shorten hospital stays, speed recovery, decrease costs and improve long-term health outcomes. Mount Sinai performs around 3,000 Interventional Radiology treatments a year in support of flagship clinical programs, such as embolizing uterine fibroids for gynaecology patients, directly delivering chemotherapy to abdominal tumours for cancer patients, and stopping major bleeding after deliveries and treating placenta disorders in ectopic pregnancies for obstetrics patients.

The program is part of The Joint Department of Medical Imaging, which includes Princess Margaret, Toronto General, Toronto Rehab, Toronto Western, and Women’s College hospitals.



“We are very proud to support this innovative field that was just emerging when we first became involved with Mount Sinai 50 years ago. It’s truly inspiring to see how Mount Sinai continues to offer patients the very best care available.” Sydney and Florence Cooper

“For five decades, Sydney and Florence have helped advance care for our community and inspired the next generation of leaders, including their children. On behalf of our patients, staff and volunteers, I sincerely thank Sydney and Florence for their life-long commitment to patient care.” Joseph Mapa, President and CEO, Sinai Health System

“Our team is constantly expanding the boundaries of Interventional Radiation to find new ways to care for our patients. On behalf of our entire clinical team, I thank Sydney and Florence for enabling us to treat more patients and offer more lifesaving procedures.” Dr. Larry White, Radiologist-in-Chief of the Joint Department of Medical Imaging

“Our major capital redevelopment project is redefining the footprint of the Sinai Health System, and Sydney and Florence are building on their legacy of helping provide the very best facilities for our patients. We are incredibly grateful.” Brent Belzberg, Chair, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation