About Us

The Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital is a premiere facility specializing in breast health and disease. Thanks to the extraordinary leadership of Marvelle and Murray Koffler, the Centre has been seeing about 33,000 women annually since opening its doors in 1995.

Combining the services of a range of health care providers under one roof, patients are treated by professionals in the areas of:

  • surgery
  • medicine
  • radiological sciences
  • pathology
  • psychiatry
  • nursing
  • palliative medicine
  • nutrition
  • social work

We ensure each patient is cared for in a comprehensive manner, from the physical to the psychosocial.

Our patients come for screening as well as diagnosis of benign and malignant breast conditions. Routine mammographic screening is offered on a yearly basis for patients between the ages of 40 and 50, and either biannually or annually for patients 50 years of age and up.

For those diagnosed with breast cancer, treatment is coordinated at the outset by the Centre's multidisciplinary team. A group of 25-30 clinicians and trainees from departments involved with the Centre meet weekly to review medical information on all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. 

Known as the Tumour Board, this group optimizes medical treatment by ensuring multiple physicians have input into each patient's care. The Board reviews each case and makes recommendations on the course of treatments. These recommendations are communicated to each patient by their treating physician.


Donations to the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre are always welcome. Funds donated to the Breast Centre are used to support breast research, educational and support programs, to purchase specialized equipment and to fund other initiatives not financed through the Ontario Ministry of Health.