How Ann got her smile back

Learn how the Faculty of Dentistry Clinic at U of T in Toronto helped treat Ann Charlton’s advanced case of Refractory Periodontal Disease.

With seven out of 10 Canadians developing gum disease at some point in their lives, this is an emerging oral health issue. Referred to the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry Clinic by her periodontist in Ottawa, Ann Charlton’s condition was progressing quickly. Even with the best care available in the community, her condition was unstable.

Diagnosed with refractory periodontal disease (a particularly treatment-resistant type of gum disease), it was not likely she could be cured, but stabilizing it became a possibility once she received specialized care from the U of T, Faculty of Dentistry Clinic. She felt lucky to meet Dr. Michael Goldberg as he found a solution to control her disease. Not only is he a periodontist at the clinic, Dr. Goldberg is also currently an Associate Professor in the Division of Periodontics at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Dentistry and is the Director of the Division of Periodontology in the Department of Dentistry, Mount Sinai Hospital. He specializes in Periodontology as well as Pain Management at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Ann’s treatment remains simple, taking two kinds of medications (that she’d never been given for her condition previously) and having a cleaning done every three months. Once a year, Anne visits Dr. Goldberg for a follow-up. “If I had not met Dr. Goldberg, said Anne. “I would have lost all of my teeth. Because of him I can keep my teeth and my smile for the rest of my life.”