New Patient Information

Resident Practices

Our office accepts new patients from time to time into our resident practices.

Please visit this link to apply to become a new patient in our resident practice. Please note this link is only active when we are accepting new patients – if the link does not work please try back in a couple of months.  Alternatively, you can call Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 to connect with a family doctor outside of our practice.

Once you have filled in the new patient form application – our office will contact you with the next steps. Please allow up to 12 weeks to process your application.

Maternity Care

If you are pregnant and you already have a family physician, you must speak with your physician and ask for a referral from your physician to our Maternity Care Team at Mount Sinai Academic Family Health Team.

Prenatal Care 

If you are pregnant and would like to join our practice for prenatal care ONLY, please fill out a new PRENATAL patient registration form. You must indicate that you are pregnant on the form.

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