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Hip and Knee Replacement Program

Hip and Knee Replacement Program

Renowned for specialized expertise in hip and knee joint replacement.

Construction notice: Please use the Murray Elevators to access the Fracture Clinic on Level 5.

The Hip and Knee Replacement Program at Mount Sinai Hospital is renowned for specialized expertise in hip and knee arthroplasty or surgical procedures to restore the function of the hip or knee joint.

Patients are supported with evidence-based practice Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, an interprofessional, team-based approach to help minimize the stress of surgery and support optimal recovery.

Rapid Access Clinic 

Patients gain faster access to assessment, education and support through self- management programs or treatments including surgery.

Revision or Corrective Surgery 

Our surgeons perform complex procedures including revision surgeries needed when the function of the existing joint replacement has failed.

Primary Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery 

We offer joint replacement surgery with the goal for patients to be able return home same day to continue recovery.

Contact Us 

Use this form to contact the Joint Replacement Program if you have any questions.

Hip Replacement Surgery Booklet (PDF) 

Learn more in this booklet about your surgery and the guide to recovery.

Your Care Team 

An overview of the health care specialists who may be involved in your care.

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