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Family Integrated Care

What is Family Integrated Care?

Mount Sinai Hospital developed Family Integrated Care (FICare) model where parents are viewed as an integral part of the NICU team providing active care for their infant, instead of being in a passive support role. We encourage parents to take care of their infant while in our unit and become primary caregivers for their infant in the NICU.

Several studies have suggested that parents can play a larger role in providing direct care of infants in the NICU and that there are many short and long-term benefits of this practice. The ultimate goal of FICare is to support parents in becoming engaged as part of their infants care team, becoming empowered, comfortable, and confident in caring for their baby in the NICU. During their participation in the FICare program, parents learn how to provide care for their infants in the NICU, while the nurses became educators and coaches for the parents.

What are the benefits of Family Integrated Care?

Research suggests that infants admitted to the NICU and cared for under the FICare model grow faster and have less stress, spend fewer days in the NICU, and are less likely to be readmitted to hospital after discharge, compared to infants cared for primarily by staff. These infants are also more likely to be breastfed and for a longer time, which provides a host of long-term health benefits.

The goal of Family Integrated Care is to partner you with your nurse and the medical team which will help you feel more confident and comfortable caring for your infant. We hope that by the time your baby is transferred to another hospital, or discharged home, you will feel more secure taking care of and understanding the needs of your baby.

What is my role in Family Integrated Care?


Morning Medical Rounds

If you are present and participate in medical rounds, you will have a better understanding of the care that is provided to your baby. These rounds occur every day in the morning.

Parenting Your Baby

With the support provided by your baby’s nurse you will learn to feel more comfortable caring for your baby and holding your baby skin-to-skin as much as possible. The medical team, especially the nurses, will continue to act as coaches to assist you in taking over most the care of your baby as your baby gets better and closer to discharge or transfer to another hospital.

Track your involvement in your baby’s care and his/her progress with these tools:


More about Family Integrated Care:


For Clinicians:

Mount Sinai’s clinical team provides training and resources internationally to promote its Family Integrated Care model. Visit the Family Integrated Care website.