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Discharge from the NICU

Discharge from the NICU

As your baby's condition improves and your baby no longer needs intensive medical and nursing care, your baby may be transferred to a community Level 2 nursery closer to your home or discharged home.

We will help to prepare you and your baby for discharge.

Your baby will be ready for discharge when he or she is:

  • able to maintain his/her temperature in an open crib (cot)
  • maintaining a regular heart and respiratory rate and is free from apneas and bradycardias (spells)
  • feeding from your breast or bottle and gaining weight

Should your baby be ready to go home directly from Mount Sinai Hospital, we will set a target discharge date. Once you are given a target discharge date, you should be prepared to take your baby home within 24 hours of that day. When your baby is discharged from the NICU you will get a copy of the discharge summary for your records. Please remember that if your maternity leave was deferred, you will need to advise your employer of your baby's discharge.

The transfer and discharge processes enables us to continue providing care for babies when they need us most.


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