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Pain Management | What to Expect


Your first appointment will include meeting your pain specialist who will provide a thorough review of your medical history and referral information that was received from your primary provider. As an academic hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, you may also be seen by a fellow/resident physician or medical trainee specializing in pain management. We will ensure that you will be seen by the most appropriate health provider for your care.


As part of the TAPMI model, your primary care provider plays an active role in your treatment. Our specialized team will provide assessments and a care plan for your chronic pain problem. While treatment may be initiated through the Wasser Pain Management Centre, once treatment is completed and your condition has stabilized, your treatment will be returned to your primary care provider. This will provide consistent, ongoing care, including medication management, with the support of the Pain Management Centre when required. We will rely on your doctor to prescribe medications that are suggested by our team.

Your Care Team

You will be seen in one of our centres specialized in the area of pain management that is appropriate for your condition. You will meet a team dedicated and committed to delivering high quality care standards and developing your plan of care in meeting your individualized pain needs.