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SimSinai Centre at MSH

SimSinai Centre

To visit the official SimSinai Centre website click on: < SimSinai Centre >.   The SimSinai Centre has taught thousands of health-care providers in Ontario, throughout Canada, and internationally. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality learning opportunities for our course participants.

Our focus is on the creation of effective resuscitation teams to care for patients on the brink of death.  We also emphasize the need for maximal patient safety, whether during resuscitation, performance of procedures, or during day-to-day routine operations. 

Our instructors have won many awards for their teaching abilities and innovations in educational techniques.  All instructors are certified through Heart and Stroke Ontario.

SimSinai Centre Administration Level 2 Room 250. < Surgical Skills Centre >


Email: [email protected]


Phone:  (416) 586 - 4800 ext. 5812


Mailing Address:

SimSinai Centre
Mount Sinai Hospital 
600 University Avenue, Room 250
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5G 1X5