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Application Process and Meeting Dates

FULL BOARD Review Submission:

This is the level of REB review assigned to studies which involve greater than minimal risk. This is the default that will apply unless there is sufficient justification for delegated review.

A total of 20 copies must be delivered to the REB Office prior to the submission deadline, including:

5 full, collated packages, each containing all applicable documents mentioned below:

  • MSH TAHSN Application Form, including Study Impact Sheet (1 containing original signatures)
  • Consent Form(s) 
  • Protocol
  • Budget Information
  • Questionnaires, Recruitment Tools, etc.
  • Investigator’s Brochure/Product Monograph/Device Manual (as applicable)
  • Health Canada No Objection Letter (as applicable)   

15 short, collated packages, each containing the following documents:

  • MSH TAHSN Application Form, including Study Impact Sheet
  • Consent Form(s)

DELEGATED Review Submission:

Submissions for delegated review are accepted on a rolling basis (i.e., not subject to a submission deadline).

Studies that may qualify for Delegated review are considered either minimal-risk and non-invasive (e.g. retrospective chart reviews, non-intrusive questionnaires or surveys, non-invasive assessments, use of existing samples), or studies involving only current standards of care.

For delegated review, please submit 2 copies of the appropriate Application Form (1 containing original signatures) and accompanying study documents to the REB Office.

The investigator must include the justification for requesting delegated review. The decision of whether a study qualifies for delegated review rests with the REB Chair. Where delegated review is not granted, the investigator will be informed that a full board review will be required.

The REB Office requires hard copies of all Applications with original signatures. Electronic or faxed submissions will not be accepted.

Download Meeting Dates 2023-2024

The deadline for submitting studies to MSH REB is 14 days prior to meeting dates. Submissions must be received in the REB office no later than 12:00 Noon on the deadline date.