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Mount Sinai first in Canada to Achieve Magnet® Recognition for Nursing Excellence and Patient Care

January 14, 2015

Leanne, Mount Sinai Nurse in Geriatrics and General Medicine, with patient Violet - Photo by Brian Mosoff

Mount Sinai Hospital is thrilled to be named the first hospital in Canada to achieve Magnet® recognition, a prestigious, international credential that measures nursing excellence and patient care. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) made the announcement on January 14th to a packed auditorium of hospital staff, who erupted in cheers.

“I believe that Mount Sinai was able to meet the extraordinary high standards set by the Magnet Recognition Program because we understand the transformative impact that every single nurse has in shaping care at our hospital. Ours is an environment that empowers nurses to lead and deliver the very highest standards in patient care and experience,” said Joseph Mapa, President and CEO, Mount Sinai Hospital. “I am tremendously proud of the men and women in our organization, who continue to elevate nursing professional practice.  Today is a proud day for the entire Mount Sinai community.”

Approximately 7% of American hospitals have achieved Magnet status, which places Mount Sinai amongst the top tiered hospitals in North Amerca.  Magnet hospitals report greater patient satisfaction, higher rates of nurse retention and better patient outcomes, including reduced mortality, lower rates of falls and reduced rates of pressure ulcers. Nurses at Magnet hospitals drive operational efficiencies and contribute to improved quality and safety in patient care. In their evaluation of Mount Sinai, the ANCC noted that the hospital’s Magnet status was a testament to the incredible impact that nurses have in shaping and delivering care.

“It has been a privilege to work with our nurses and community of caregivers. Our nurses have delivered new ideas, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellent patient care. Rigorous evaluation of our professional practice has resulted in exceptional patient outcomes and reinforces our pride in achieving this distinction at Mount Sinai Hospital,” said Mary Agnes Beduz, Acting Executive Vice President Patient Care and CNE Nursing & Allied Health.

The journey to achieve Magnet status began more than 4 years ago, as the organization began to build a framework that reflected the Magnet principles. The work culminated with a submission to the ANCC last summer that included over 3000 pages of data, outlining the role that nursing plays in the organization and nurses impact on patient care. This past fall, the Magnet appraisers spent three days at the hospital, closely evaluating and validating all aspects of nursing care at Mount Sinai.  In announcing their decision, ANCC Chair of the Commission on Magnet emphasized that Mount Sinai Hospital represented the very highest of standards in nursing care.