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Dental Care for Complex Patients

For the Medically complex patients, those with special health care needs, including Adults with disabilities.

This clinic sees patients who have a medical condition or syndrome that affects their daily living to a degree that they must be seen in a hospital dental clinic. We are committed to ensuring that this patient population has access to dental care despite barriers to care that may exist outside of a hospital setting.

May I Become A Patient in the Dental Department at Mount Sinai Hospital?

Patients qualify for care in this clinic following an assessment that indicates the need for care within an acute care hospital setting. The following steps are part of the process to assess your suitability for this clinic:

  1. Referral

    We must receive a letter of referral from your medical doctor and/or dentist explaining your medical condition and requesting that, because of your condition, you must have your dental care in a hospital setting.

    To refer a patient, please download and complete our Referral Form. You may print and fax your referral to 416-586-5010.

    You may also mail this, along with radiographs to:

    Mount Sinai Hospital
    Department of Dentistry
    600 University Ave. Suite #412
    Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X5

  2. Appointment - 1st visit to Clinic

    Once the referring letter is received, the referral will be reviewed to see if you meet the basic requirements of this clinical program and if so, an appointment will be made for your first visit to our clinic. Please be aware that it normally takes approximately several months before an appointment can be made for your initial examination.

    At this appointment, you will be examined by one of our hospital dentists and dental x-rays will be taken. Please be aware that there is a fee for the initial examination as dental treatment is not covered by OHIP. This will be reviewed with you at the time of scheduling your appointment. You are required to pay for treatment following your appointment unless you have dental coverage through a social service agency, such as ODSP.

    If you have private dental insurance plan, you will be given a computerized claim form to send to your dental insurance company. If you are covered under a special plan such as ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program), you are required to bring your monthly “dental” card to your first appointment. A final decision about your eligibility to become a patient in our clinic will be made after your first visit. If you are eligible, a treatment plan will be developed and will be explained to you, including the cost of the suggested treatment.

  3. If You Don't Qualify

    If it is determined that you do not qualify for care in our hospital department, you will be advised of this decision and a recommendation for follow-up dental care in the community will be made.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a patient of our clinic.