About Us

The Gateways Team of community-based workers, academics, and healthcare professionals was initially formed to work on a Participatory Action Research project exploring the cancer screening experiences and care needs of women with mobility disabilities in Toronto, Canada.  Applying the work of this initial project, the Gateways Team built on their partnership to translate the research results into creating innovative educational resources that promote health equity for women with disabilities accessing breast cancer screening.

Project Team

Mary Agnes Beduz, RN, MN, PhD
Linda Muraca, RN, MN
M. Bianca Seaton, MSc, PhD(c)
Julie Devaney, MA
Jan Angus, RN, MN, PhD
Nancy Barry, BA
Samira Chandani…
Laura McDonald, BASc
Fran Odette, MSW



This community-based research initiative was developed through the generous support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Ontario Region.


The team would like to acknowledge the contributions of our collaborators and supporters, without whom the Gateways Projects would not have been able to succeed.  These include Lucy Nyman from Anne Johnston Health Centre, Sharmini Fernando previously from the Canadian Cancer Society, Nancy McNaughton and the actors from the Standardized Patient Program at the University of Toronto, Carling Barry from the Centre for Independent Living Toronto, Ana Grandic and Roland Ismael from Mount Sinai Hospital, and the managers and supervisors from the Joint Department of Medical Imaging at Mount Sinai, Princess Margaret, and Women’s College Hospitals.  We would also like to express our gratitude to all of the focus group participants who generously shared their perspectives, insights, and experiences with us, as well as the healthcare providers who participated in the immersive learning initiative and are committed to creating a more enabling environment in mammography for women with disabilities.  Lastly, we wish to acknowledge Nathalie Peledeau and her outstanding work in creating the resource manual for the Interprofessional Collaborative Assessment and Management of Illness Related Anxiety Project, which served as a model for the content of our toolkit. 

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