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ACLS Instructor Course

acls instructor course

As most of you know, the New 2015 Guidelines for Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support were released on October 18th.  We will provide an overview of the guidelines, including emphasis on changes from the 2005 guidelines, at your ACLS course.  The textbook based on the 2005 guidelines remains a useful resource, however you should take the time to review the new guidelines prior to coming to your course. 

The guidelines are available for free review at the website here.

Although all of the information provided is interesting, I suggest review of the following portions of the guidelines prior to the ACLS course:

Part 1: Executive Summary
Part 4:  CPR Overview
Part 5:  Adult Basic Life Support
Part 6:  Electrical Therapies
Part 7:  CPR Techniques and Devices
Part 8:  Adult ACLS
Part 9:  Post-Cardiac Arrest Care
Part 10:  Acute Coronary Syndromes
Part 11:  Adult Stroke

Optional reading:

Part 12:  Cardiac Arrest in Special Situations
Part 16:  Education Implementation and Teams

The other sections are not directly relevant to adult resuscitation and do not need to be reviewed for the purposes of ACLS.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions at [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you at your ACLS course!

ACLS Medical Course Director:  Dr. Sev Perelman

Course description - 0800 - 1700 hrs each day
This course is designed to teach health professional educators how to serve as ACLS instructors within HSFO-accredited ACLS Training Centres within Ontario.  Certification as an ACLS instructor in Ontario is also generally recognized throughout Canada and the United States through a reciprocity process.

SimSinai uses a curriculum for instructor training provided by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.  However, our instructor training program differs slightly from other courses with a stronger emphasis on training to use high-fidelity simulation equipment and interprofessional education. 

Certification as an ACLS Instructor through SimSinai requires completing the following steps:



  • Completion of an approved ACLS Provider course within the past two years
  • Extensive clinical experience in resuscitation through full-time employment in an appropriate practice setting
    • Physician, nurse, respiratory therapist or paramedic
    • Emergency Department, ICU, Pre-hospital/Transport
  • Experience as a teacher in their clinical setting
  • Submission of a CV / Bio describing eligibility and experience, along with a very brief statement outling your reasons to seek the certification as well as you plan to secure your functioning as an ACLS instructor to the  ACLS Medical Course Director
  • Invitation to course by Instructor Course Director
    • NOTE:  There are limited slots for instructor training courses, meeting all of the eligibility requirements does not guarantee a course invitation.  Instructor candidates will be chosen based on local and provincial ACLS training needs.


SimSinai Instructor Certification Process

  • Participation in a one-day instructors workshop

    • Review of HSFO ACLS and core instructor curriculum requirements

    • Introduction to simulation equipment (e.g., Laerdal SimMan, VitalSim)

    • Introduction to resuscitation equipment (Philips FR2 AED, CodeMaster and MRx defibrillators, Q-CPR CPR feedback technology)

    • Adult education strategies

  • ACLS Teaching Preceptorship

    • Teaching didactic and simulation-based sessions during actual ACLS course supervised by Instructor Course Director and experienced instructors

      • NOTE:  Instructor candidates are NOT paid for their time during their supervised preceptorship by PREPS.  We recommend that the candidate's home institution/organization supports the time required to attend the preceptorship.

ACLS Instructor Course

Available dates:

New date annoucement forthcoming (Note: due to schedule conflicts October 28-29, 2019 is CANCELLED

0800 - 1700 hrs each day (Both Days)

Cost:  $935.00


For Program Inquiries and CV Submission Please Contact:

SimSinai Centre Administration

[email protected]