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Outpatient Clinics and Services

Attention Patients: As of July 12, 2022, you will be asked to answer a series of symptom screening questions at your appointment. You can do this in two ways:

  • Complete the symptom screening using our online tool no more than four hours before your arrival. You will be able to show the results to your care team or print them.
  • Answer the questions in-person with your care team.

These programs support patients within ambulatory and clinical care. See the referral criteria.

The General Psychiatry Assessment Clinic accepts referrals from physicians for adults aged 18-65 for diagnosis and treatment planning.  Patients referred to the clinic are seen initially for an assessment.  Following the assessment, a full consultation report is sent back to the referring physician with recommendations to guide further care. 

The treatment plan may include medication options, identify types of psycho-social interventions treatments likely to be helpful or provide education and self-help resources for patients.  In some cases, the treatment plan will suggest short-term follow up psychiatric care or group treatment either within or outside our department.

The Transitional Rapid Access Care Coordination (TRACC) Program provides short-term care coordination for patients recently discharged from the Mount Sinai Hospital Psychiatry Inpatient Unit. The focus of TRACC is to ensure smooth transitions from inpatient hospitalization back to the community. 

The interprofessional team consists of nursing, occupational therapy and social work professionals. TRACC uses a recovery-oriented approach to provide the following services:

  • Recovery plan development
  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Symptom management and supportive counselling
  • Medication management
  • Linkage/support access to Primary Healthcare Provider involved in care
  • Initiate referrals for community supports, financial/income support and housing referrals

Programming is offered in a group format and individually to patients for up to 4 weeks post discharge.

The Geriatric Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic provides assessment and treatment services for older adults who are in need of mental health support. The Geriatric Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic provides care to seniors experiencing psychiatric illness, including dementia, using a range of diagnostic and treatment interventions. We see adults who are 65+ years old.

The Cyril and Dorothy, Joel and Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training provides provide individual and group services and support that benefit care partners and family members with dementia, as well as health professionals caring for people with dementia. The clinical services and group programs help care partners manage the day to day care of the person living with dementia reduce emotional stress and burden and improve their ability to cope with the demand of caregiving.

The Enhancing Care Program is a provincially funded initiative providing group and individual programs in over 40 communities across Ontario.

We see patients who have been treated at Mount Sinai Hospitals for a physical illness who may benefit from concurrent mental health care.

We have specialized care models available to a variety of Sinai Health settings and patient populations including Men’s Health, Diabetes, IBD, Oncology and Palliative Medicine and continue to develop care pathways in collaboration with our medical and surgical colleagues.

We also have a longstanding Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns that provides interprofessional care to people living with HIV in conjunction with community partnerships.

The Perinatal Mental Health Program is an interprofessional team providing psychiatric care for adults during pregnancy and the one-year postpartum period. The program also provides care for those who have suffered a pregnancy loss and also those coping with infertility.

Our services include brief treatment, individual counselling and medication management. Specialized group programs may include but are not limited to:

  • Postpartum Support Group
  • Late Loss Bereavement Group
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy Group