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Psychiatry Resources

We have created lists of tools and resources, so that you can find the mental health support when and where you need it.

Crisis Resources

If you need help in an emergency or are in crisis, call 911 or visit your local emergency department. Please find below resources for distress lines and crisis supports that will support you in maintaining your safety.

Here is a list of Crisis resources that you can reference.

The following is a list of community services that has been put together by CAMH. These services offered in the communities around us provide care for patients, their families and caregivers that need additional support for things like grief, psychosis, finding a shelter, family doctor, crisis resources and more.

View the list of CAMH resources.

Originally created in the fall of 2020 for school educators and staff, this series of videos by our team of psychiatrists features practical tips, tools, skills and techniques on managing stress and emotions during COVID-19 that many may find useful.

Here are some articles created to help patients understand and control their own emotions and feelings. Here is a list and link to these articles:

For more information on how you can find the support you need, please visit these websites:

For more information regarding virtual resources, please visit these websites: