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Creating an Enabling Environment for Women with Disabilities Accessing Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, which includes women with disabilities.  However, women with disabilities are less likely than some other women to get screened for breast cancer. 

The Gateways Team of women’s health researchers, disability advocates, and healthcare professionals have conducted studies to explore the experiences of women with mobility disabilities accessing cancer screening, as well as the perspectives of healthcare providers who work at a breast cancer screening centre.  We learned the following:

Women with disabilities live busy, fulfilling lives.  They value their health and want to preserve their well-being.  They want access to tests that will prolong their lives, and do a lot of work to arrange and attend cancer screening. 

Healthcare providers want to provide the best quality of care to women with disabilities accessing cancer screening, but don’t always know how to create an enabling environment in mammography.


We have created innovative, research-based educational tools and resources about breast cancer screening, mammography, and disability that can be used by woman and healthcare providers to promote a positive screening experience for all patients. 


Women and Healthcare Providers Share Perspectives

Watch and listen to Heather's Story Watch and listen to Supriya's Story
Transcript of Heather's Story Transcript of Supriya's Story


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