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About our Labour and Delivery unit

Mount Sinai Hospital opened its new, state of the art Slaight Family Labour and Delivery Unit in 2015. Located on the 15th Floor and accessed from the University Street elevators (no access from Murray St. elevators), it features:

  • 19 labour and birth rooms where families will be during the labour, birth and immediate recovery period after the birth
  • 5 operative birthing rooms for caesarean births
  • 4 high-risk birthing rooms
  • Decentralized care stations that allow clinicians to be closer to their patients at all times
  • Showers in the bathrooms
  • 4 rooms with immersion tubs
  • A storage area within the room available for personal belongings
  • A kitchenette with a kettle and a microwave

Each room is equipped with an adjustable bed, a lounge chair, a birth ball, a TV, monitoring systems for mother and baby, a baby warmer that also can be used to weight the baby, a bedside table, and all the things nursing and medical staff will need to care for the labouring person and the baby.

Once you are admitted to the labour and delivery unit, your partner or support person will receive a bracelet to identify them as the designated permanent support person. It may be possible to have two permanent support persons if you have hired a doula. You may also have two visitors throughout your labour. These visitors can change, but we ask that the number of visitors is kept to two at a time.

Labour and Delivery is a locked unit, so if you are not accompanied by staff, you will need to use the telephone to the left of the entrance to be let in. The labour reception area is found across from where you will enter the unit.

All caesarean births are done on the 15th floor in our own operating rooms. A resuscitation room is centrally located within this area, staffed by members of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit team. Once the surgery is completed, recovery occurs in our own Post Anesthetic Care Unit, located next to the reception area of labour and delivery. The baby will remain with you unless admission to the NICU is required.

Photos of our Labour and Delivery unit

Edward and Fran Sonshine Triage Centre

Comfortable birthing suite for expecting moms and partners in the new Slaight Family Labour & Delivery Unit

A soaker tub for pain management in the new Slaight Family Labour & Delivery Unit

Easy and comfortable access to the new Slaight Family Labour & Delivery Unit

Spacious and accessible shower room facilities in the new Slaight Family Labour & Delivery Unit