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Care After Birth

Once you have given birth, and both you and baby are stable, you will be transferred to the David & Stacey Cynamon Mother and Baby Unit by your nurse on either the 15th or 16th floor. If your preferred room type is not available, you will be given an alternate room type and placed on a waitlist for your preferred room type.

You will stay on the Mother-Baby Unit until you are ready for discharge home, which is usually after 26 hours for vaginal births and between 26 and 48 hours for caesarian births. If you are with a midwife, you may be discharged earlier.

Our nursing staff will work closely with you to help prepare you for your transition home. The nurses in the postpartum inpatient unit are very knowledgeable and skilled, with additional education in breastfeeding to help support you and your baby during your stay. If a referral is required to a lactation consultant, your primary nurse will facilitate this. Breastfeeding classes are also held daily to support your learning and answer any questions you may have about breastfeeding/ feeding your baby.

During your stay it is important you discuss your care goals with your health-care team so they can plan the time in the hospital with you. A patient whiteboard is located in the room to articulate your questions and plan your stay.

The unit has increased security, therefore visitors are required to use the phone by the entry doors to be buzzed into and out of the area. The communication station is located centrally in the unit, with decentralized charting areas for the nursing staff closer to individual rooms.

All rooms come with:

  • storage space for personal belongings
  • an adjustable bed
  • privacy curtains
  • a cot for the baby with storage space
  • a lounge chair that opens up to be used as bed
  • TV, phone and internet services (some fees may apply)
  • bathroom/shower facilities
A separate bathroom with a shower is available for support persons staying overnight. If you are not in a private room you may want to take advantage of the family lounge when visitors arrive. A kitchenette is available there for your use, to store your own labelled food that requires refrigeration, or to make yourself some tea! The family lounge is equipped with a fridge, kettle, sink, microwave and ice machine.
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