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Vending Machines

In addition to all your favourite snacks, they also sell spicy plantain chips, Stacey’s pita chips, nuts and trail mix. New drink options include coconut water, Vitamin Water, V-8 Splash and soda water.  Snacks and drinks with a Smart Pick sticker will help you choose items that are lower in calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Payment options have also been improved to include credit, debit and mobile pay.​

Check out these locations for a vending machine near you:

  • Emergency Department, ambulance bay
  • 2nd floor, beside University elevators
  • Main floor, beside service elevators
  • 5th floor, beside service elevators
  • 10th floor, 10N surgical unit reception
  • 11th floor, beside University elevators
  • 14th floor, beside University elevators
  • 15th floor, beside Labour and Delivery Triage
  • 17th floor, beside PNAC
  • 18th floor, beside service elevators
  • 60 Murray Street, 1st floor, beside the elevators

and the new location will be:​

  • Main Floor University Street Elevators