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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is an important service that patients and their families can access for comfort, healing, coping and support. Our Spiritual Care team provides spiritual care to patients, caregivers, and staff of all faith and cultural backgrounds throughout the hospital. 

Spiritual Care Providers (SCPs) are health care providers who help people: 

  • With prayers, blessings and spiritual direction
  • Explore the meaning of illness, suffering and life transitions
  • Work through experience of loss and grief
  • Initiate a mindfulness or meditation practice
  • Connect to faith communities and religious visitors
  • Celebrate sacred rituals
  • Address concerns about ethical decision making
  • Help to access inner resources

Religious Support

The Spiritual Care Team can help patients and families access support from diverse faith communities while in the hospital.

  • A visit (virtual/call during a pandemic) by a rabbi or a Jewish volunteer is available to Jewish patients and their caregivers upon request.
  • High Holidays are celebrated at Mount Sinai. Please speak with your care provider for details.
  • Kosher meals are available. Please notify a member of your care team at admission or after when on the unit.
  • Regular diet kosher snacks available upon request.
  • Shabbat candles are available upon request.
  • Bedside Communion is available to Roman Catholic patients.
  • Roman Catholic patients may receive the Sacrament of the Sick upon request.
  • Jewish High Holiday Services
  • Minchah Prayers
  • Jummah
  • Roman Catholic Mass

Please speak to your healthcare provider or call the Spiritual Care office for specific details.

Yes. Please inform your care team or call Spiritual Care to make the arrangements.

Yes. Please inform your care team or call Spiritual Care to make the arrangements.

Contact Us

Spiritual Care Providers are available daily by request through any member of the health care team or by calling switchboard paging system.

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