The Reitman Centre Group Program for People with Dementia: An Arts-Based Method

This group runs concurrently with CARERS group, and is for the person with dementia. The members of the group attend for 8 weeks, and each week the members take part in a different type of arts-based activity.    The methods have been consciously developed for the person with dementia and their family members and the activities are flexible and adapted to the needs and interests of the group.

Group Goals for the Person with Dementia:

  • Able to contribute to the group experience in a positive,  meaningful way
  • Connect with members of the group in a positive, meaningful way
  • Feel valued as an individual with strengths, abilities, and unique life experience to share
  • Able to communicate  with others

Group Benefits for the Family Caregiver:

  • Learn appealing leisure activities for their family member.
  • Increase confidence in participating with family members with dementia in shared leisure activities.

How to Enroll

This group is available to people with a family member currently enrolled in a Carers group. For more information on how to become enrolled in the Carers group please call 416-586-4800 ext. 5882 or email

Session Example

Group Session Example