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Menopause Clinic

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Every woman experiences menopause differently. Sometimes these symptoms are hardly noticeable. Sometimes they get in the way of normal day-to-day life.

We provide a full consultative medical and nursing service to women experiencing menopausal symptoms. We offer advice and/or a second opinion related to the use of hormone therapy. We hope to answer your questions, provide information about your symptoms, and improve your overall well-being. As a tertiary care centre we offer options of care for women with other medical problems who are experiencing menopausal changes including mood disorders.

The focus of the clinic is patient education, assessment and treatment with the development of an individualized health care plan. Options for symptom relief and health promotion are discussed. Our clinic is staffed by gynecologists and registered nurses. Medical students, residents and fellows may be involved in your care.

 We provide care for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. We do not provide routine well-woman gynaecologic care. After addressing your immediate menopause concerns, patients will be returned to the care of their primary care doctor. Typed consultation notes will be provided to the doctor who referred you to the Menopause Clinic.

The current wait time for an appointment is approximately 6 months.

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