Responsive Behaviours in Dementia


Assessment and Screening Tools Resources include: Overview guide, flow chart, selected assessment tools, related articles and other resources

Diagnosis of Dementia

Resources include: Diagnosis disclosure aid for the Family Physician, File Dementia Information Sheets,  Memory Clinic Brain Map tool.


Resources include: Causes for delirium, a quick reference
and quick facts, delirium and medications, the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) 

Dementia and Medication Management

Resources include: Facts and figures, tips for safe medication use and a patient handout.


Responsive Behaviours in Dementia / [ยทยทยท]


Non-Pharmacological Assessment and Management of Behavioural and Psychological  A tool created to assisst primary care practitioners in the assessment and management of responsive behaviours in dementia.

Meanings and Solutions for Behaviours in Dementia - Inventory

 A quick reference tool that outlines common behavioural and psychological symptoms associated with dementia and offers possible meanings and solutions a clinician cam explore with a caregiver.

Cohen Mansfield - Agitation Inventory (CMAI)

A tool to assess the frequency of manifestation of agitated behaviours in older adults.